The current role does not have access to this operation trying to upload Site Logo

When I try to upload Site Logo, I get “The current role does not have access to this operation”. Version 3.1.1-4, upgraded from 2.4.8-3. Should I delete the current logo first?

Check out the thread here: After upgrade 3.1.4- The current role does not have access to this operation

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The patch in the thread helped, now I can upload file, but when I press OK after choosing file, I get:
“No file uploaded or invalid file type!”

The file which I try to upload is a png file:
$ file pageHeaderTitleImage_en_US.png
pageHeaderTitleImage_en_US.png: PNG image data, 820 x 150, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced

Check your PHP error log for more details. I suspect there is a file permissions problem recorded there.

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Yes, it was permissions problem, thank you! Although error message could be more clear.
But there is another problem - the uploaded logo is visible in English and Polish languages, but not Lithuanian. Why? Site is Lietuvos mokslų akademijos leidybos skyrius

Looking at the page source, for English and Polish <img src=“”, for Lithuanian - <img src=“

The Site Logo is being uploaded with the locale that the Administrator is currently using to navigate the site settings.

@NateWr, is this intended functionality?

I uploaded it being in English locale. Why Polish then displays logo correctly?

But yes, I uploaded in Lithuanian locale and it works now, thanks!

I believe it is though I’m not aware of the original reasoning behind it being a multilingual field. In the upcoming revision to the settings forms, it will at least be possible to see and modify the logo for each locale without having to switch your current locale.

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I think Mailing Address in Journal Settings->Contact should be made multilingual too. For example, we would like English street address to be “3 Gedimino Ave, 01103 Vilnius, Lithuania”, while Lithuanian - “Gedimino pr. 3, 01103 Vilnius, Lietuva”.
Non Latin writing countries (Chinese, Russian, Arabic etc) would definitely want that.