Text align option in Rich Text Editor

The inbuilt rich text editor is having good options and misses a basic option of aligning the text. adding the aligning option like right, left, centre and justify would be of great use. Which will be a handy option throughout the journal.

Interested in this topic.
It is especially important to align the text on pages by width as it is done in text editors.
Somewhere flashed in one of the topics that this option is not possible in OJS, but someone can give more accurate information.
ready to change the code and styles if necessary.
I use OJS

Hi @Yuriy_Kadatski,

If the idea is to align the field on the front-end, it can be done with custom CSS. Say, to justify abstracts in the Default theme:

.abstract {
  text-align: justify;

Custom styling can be uploaded through website settings -> appearance -> advanced

Hi Виталий
Thanks for the answer!
If I understand the point correctly, I need to find the style name in the code on all pages where you need to change the text alignment, then find this style in the file and change the necessary attributes there, as you showed in the example above?
I will try it today!

UPD: I went through different styles, a lot of things didn’t work, and decided to do it in a coordinated way - I found the main style that forms the appearance of the content ..pkp_structure_content and set the width alignment there.
Thanks again for the tip)