Tar command error when installing quicksubmit

I have just two days ago installed the newest OJS available. Right then, after its successful install, I tried to install Quicksubmit. It said tar command improperly set up, please edit config.inc.php. It says tar = /bin/tar. Using ssh I checked and the tar is exactly there so I guess it should work just fine but it does not.

Any tips on resolving the issue? What should I check?

For now, I downloaded and extracted the newest quicksubmit and placed it in the importexport directory and it seems to work (I could open it but have not saved any article through it yet).
Thank you

Hi @Petr,

Check your PHP error log for details; it may be e.g. that PHP’s exec functions are disabled, or that PHP doesn’t have access to /bin/tar because of file permissions.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team