Support for Uzbek language

Hello! I am participating in a website development project for several journals published by the Academy of Sciences in the Republic of Uzbekistan (Central Asia).
We are very interested in your Open journal system platform. We installed it without any problems.
Due to the fact that the platform supports many languages, in particular, English and Russian, its use turned out to be simple and understandable. Thank you so much for your work!
However, we will definitely need support including in the Uzbek language (uz_UZ, Cyrillic (uz_UZ_ @ cyrillic) and Latin spelling uz_UZ_ @ latin).
We are also ready to take part in the gradual localization of OJS and your other software products using the Weblate service.
How do we create the appropriate section in the Weblate service?
Thank you for your attention and help.

Hi @Berdalieva_Nurzhamal,

Thanks for offering to help with this – translation contributions are always welcome and really help our international reach! You should be able to just sign up on Weblate and start translating. One quirk is that you must agree to the Contributor License Agreement within Weblate, for each component that you translate, before you will see a button to create a new translation. This is a bit of a pain and I haven’t found a way make it a one-time agreement yet, unfortunately.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team