Submission in language that is not primary OJS 3.0.2

If primary language A is set in OJS 3.0.2 then submission in language B that is not set as primary will stop at the second step during the upload process. Actually, button Continue will be greyed.
I think that there are two options left:

  1. let editor upload regardless which language it is chosen for interface (primary or not)
  2. display message for the user that it is not possible to do that due to reason that it is possible to do that only in primary language

Note: primary and not primary language are selected to be present in submission and forms. I am not sure is that bug or undocumented feature. However, I think that there should be feature that certain roles can do that in whichever language regardless of the status being primary or not.

Do you mean this: [OJS] Localised filenames complicate uploading submission files in multilingual journals · Issue #2114 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

In OJS 3.1 that should be fixed.

I think that it is not question of locale of filename. But, error is the same. Yes, I guess that is that issue. It is not big issue, but it could be good to solve that.