Submission filter by ISSUE?

Hey there,

since we are working on up to three issues simultaneously, and thus using up to (say) 50 submitted papers parallel, a “FILTER BY ISSUE” option for the submission view would be great …

this would enable us to link a submission early in the process to a certain issue and to filter for the issue related articles afterwards …

thank you for considering this!


Hi, very necessary feature. Our editors are often juggling 2 or 3 issues and have no way to focus on one in particular. The Issues part of the interface is too separate from the Submissions, IMO.


It looks like this was added in 3.3, so you’d have to upgrade to use the feature (if you’re not running 3.3 already): Add a filter by assigned issue to OJS submission lists · Issue #6054 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

PKP Team