Subject Taxonomy plugin for OJS3

Hello all,

Here at Ubiquity Press we have finalised an open source OJS3 plugin for release today, which adds functionality for megajournal ‘subjects’ as a taxonomy, where journals have multiple areas within scope.

Plugin code:

As sub-disciplines within a journal, subject taxonomies need to be pre-defined by journal administrators and selected by authors upon submission. A free-text field defined by the submitting author is not acceptable for this use case. The taxonomy assigned can be edited after submission by the journal admins.

Furthermore, the subject becomes available in the database for rendering on article landing pages (further work required).

The plugin adds several features:

  • an additional tab on journal>settings, where subject taxonomies can be added, ordered, edited, and deleted (image 1)
  • an additional dropdown menu on submission>publication>metadata, where the taxonomy is selected/changed (image 2)
  • an additional dropdown menu on submission form>‘3. Enter metadata’ where the where the taxonomy is selected (image 3)

We see opportunity for further development of this plugin by introducing the ability to filter submissions by taxonomy in the submissions dashboard, to improve navigation and submission handling by editors.

As always we are happy to accept suggestions, bugfixes, improvements, and translations.

image1 image2 image3


Hi @UP_PFord,

Thanks, that looks very promising!

There is some overlap between this plugin and #1550: User-Defined Vocabulary for Keywords and Reviewer Interests; in particular one of the things that’s come up numerous times is ways to work with pre-defined vocabularies (3rd-party standards), based off e.g. XML files. Are the vocabularies you’re working with one-off, per-journal taxonomies, or do they tend to come from 3rd-party (standardized) lists?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

We’re glad to hear your support, thanks!

We’re working with per-journal taxonomies, no standardization. How does this impact on the overlap you’re seeing?

Pete (PM, Ubiquity Press)