Statistics for all users

I want to implementation COUNTER statistics for all users but not only for journal managers?
Do you need to modify file?

DOAJ requires the presentation of statistics total downloads articles from journals.

We would like to present them professionally even if, as in attachment.

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This is exactly the kind of question that SUSHI-Lite was designed to answer. It provides a RESTful API for fetching COUNTER statistics on-demand.

If you are at OJS 2.4.8 or better, there is a SUSHI-Lite plugin available:

We use this plugin to allow a third-party (Plum Analytics) to harvest COUNTER-ready statistics from OJS for display in a widget that shows on the article abstract page.

A similar plugin could be developed to display just a widget with a professional display of the COUNTER-ready statistics.

For alternate approaches to this, check out this thread:

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