Specifying reviewer search function in OJS 3.3

Some of our editors have found it inconvenient (using OJS 3.3x) to identify appropriate reviewers from their pool by reviewing interest because the search function presently does not allow one to search by a specific type of reviewer information. For example, if one wishes to search for reviewers who identify an interest in “Japan,” the results for that search will indeed include reviewers with that interest, but mixed in with reviewers who may have that in biography or affiliation information. With a large pool of potential reviewers, this means they may have to sift through results longer than they would prefer.

Proposed Solution
It would be helpful if the search feature allowed one to identify what kind of data one wished to search through, separating reviewer information fields. In particular, a “reviewer interest” option would be especially useful here.

Who is asking for this feature?
Journal editors.

Many thanks!

Paul Turner
University of Pittsburgh - University Library System