Spanish es_ES complete translation for

Hello all,

Our journal will start working with 3 languages from now on (Portuguese as default, English and Spanish).

Anyone with the complete translation for before I go into it myself??

Hi @ramon,

Tagging @mtub, who manages translations.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @ramon,

glad to hear you want to contribute to translations. Regarding the Spanish translation, you could talk to @marc who maybe knows about someone working on completing the translation right now.

I recommend working on the ojs-dev-2_4 branch. That branch holds the development code for OJS 2. Backporting the translation to 2.4.7-1 shouldn’t be too hard.

Feel free to contact me via PM.

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Hi @ramon,

As far as I know, OJS translation to es_ES is complete and delivered with OJS core.
This translation was done redone from scratch two years ago by a group of professional translators, taking a lot of care in consistency. I think is up to date, but a very few strings could be missed in 2.4.6… i didn’t check it yet.

Please, let me know if you find errors.


Hello all,

@marc, I downloaded a fresh 2.4.7-1 installation and there are quite a few missing keys, as were in the pt_BR translation as well. Mostly the PKP PLN plugin, Dataverse and some other e-mail templates.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to work with GITHub due to network restrictions. I’ve tried before and it never worked correctly so I gave up.

I can send you the exported XML files after I’m done for someone to check later on.

Hi @ramon,

If I remember well… we worked over version 2.4.5, so literals introduced after this still need to be translated. We are overwhelmed right now, but after xmas we can take a look to the missing chains.
Sorry for the annoyance.

If you are in a hurry, what about only translating the few visible literals in you local installation?

My differences with git (and a few file issues) is the reason why I still didn’t delivered es_ES and ca_ES for OMP… btw @mtub and @asmecher I don’t forget it.

Hello @marc,

That’s basically what I’m doing.
Just using the Translator Plugin to check for missing key translations.
I’m not reviewing any previous Spanish translation, unless I check a word I used previously was translated differently. So I go back to what I’ve done and fix it…

I’m sorry for this.
I will mail you as soon we got a new release.