Spam User Registration


We are facing spam registration on our Journal. Please see the screenshot


how can we stop permantently because when i delete this user error message occur, see screenshot.


We are using OJS Version Please guide because if our site hack we will lost all things.

Hi @hussainyousaf,
We were experiencing the same issue a while back, in our case by turning on the registration validation was already suffice. Find this line in

require_validation = On

you may want to see this valuable thread

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Thanks i done this now i will see the effect. Please guide how i delete these spam user now?

We did it manually by selecting multiple spam users via phpmyadmin, you can find the user database in the users table.

Via phpmyadmin you can also do the MySql query described in previous thread, specifically this one. As we are not experienced in running query, we cannot guide you.

Good luck.

Hi all,

Removing users from the users table directly may leave entries in other tables behind. I’d recommend using the “merge users” tool instead.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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