Some Dutch labels are missing

Some Dutch labels are missing. To solve that I added some label descriptions in our Locales (nl_NL) files. We put these files on our server as a quick fix. I made changes in common.xml and in locale.xml.
E.g. Bijenhouden

Is it an option that these label descriptions are added in the default nl_NL files of the OJS installation?

in common.xml:
common.homepageNavigationLabel >> Home
navigation.archives >> Archieven
navigation.breadcrumbSeparator >> /
search.advancedFilters >> Filters
common.pagination >> {$start}-{$end} van {$total} >> Volgende
help.previous >> Vorige

in Locale.xml:
journal.viewAllIssues >> Bekijk alle nummers
about.aboutContext >> Over het tijdschrift
archive.archivesPageNumber >> Archief - Pagina {$pageNumber}

Thank you @vrede. @mtub may answer you on this.