[solved] Plugin Gallery does not load, remains empty

Dear all
I just did a clean install of OJS 3.1.1-4 (aka from git, plus composer and npm on my test LAMP system (latest Ubuntu, PHP 7.2). Practically everything runs smoothly. Allow_url_fopen is enabled

Problem is that the Plugin Gallery is not populated, it remains empty and is not even loaded, so I do not even see any wheel spinning. Interestingly, there are no traces of errors in any log file (PHP log goes into Apache2 access and errors-log).
What else could I do in order to debug?

Thanks and all the best

Did you check your browser’s javascript console for errors?

Yes, I did also check there. But there are no errors reported, Just a warning about the use of synchronus ajax requests referring to jquery.
I also checked the network tab / analysis and I got the impression that there are no attempts to even retrieve additional content (the plugins) from somewhere else than localhost.

Thanks for your support

could also be a firewall issue, see: OJS 3.0 Loading Workflow too slowly - #15 by asmecher

If you really are using a pre-release of directly from git, you won’t see anything in the plugin gallery because no plugins have yet been certified against

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Hmm. That sounds plausible. Yesterday evening I cloned https://github.com/pkp/ojs.git , which should be the master branch. My system info indeed says version

In that case, and for the moment I guess I should clone the latest stable branch. Which one would that be and how can I ensure to be able to update my later production system via
git submodule update --init --recursive ?

For stable fixes on top of 3.1.1, run git checkout ojs-stable-3_1_1.

For a specific release, see git tag and then checkout the tag, such as git checkout ojs-3_1_1-4

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Great, thank you all @ajnyga and @ctgraham
I guess the stable release for 3.2 still takes some time. I will then continue with 3.1.1.