[Solved] OMP 3.1.2 with HTML books

Can OMP 3.1.2 display books in html? If so, where should I put the images and the CSS to be displayed correctly?

Hi @dagosalas,

First, make sure the “HTML Monograph File” plugin is enabled under Settings > Website > Plugins.

Then, when after you’ve uploaded your HTML file, you should be able to Edit it and find a list of “dependent files”. Upload your CSS and images there.

If you don’t see the “dependent files” list, it’s likely thet your HTML file was not correctly detected as HTML; try searching this forum for “MIME type” for similar threads.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thanks @asmecher !
But in HTML code the images are called from a folder called “images”, and the styles from a folder called “styles”. Does this mean that I will have to delete all the references in the HTML code to those folders?

Ok, I get it, upload the image and it is automatically added to the html in the corresponding place. WOW !! it’s amazing!
Now I just have to work with the style sheet. Thank you @asmecher !

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