Slideshow in side bar ojs 3.1.14

I am trying to put slideshow in homepage in order to make site more appealing. But, I do not how to do it? i want to be like this



Hi @Carlos_Alberto_Rivad,

It doesn’t look like a standard OJS theme. Similar functionality is implemented in Old Gregg theme but I’m making a re-design of this theme and it will look quite different in the next release.

How can we change the themes in OJS3?
i have only two options basic theme and defaultthemes theme
Would you please give some basic steps for very novice users?

Themes are plugins, so you can use the plugin gallery to install and enable additional themes:

The sidebar slider you reference in your earlier post looks like a Custom Block which using javascript to implement a slider. To manage this without custom PHP code, you would need to:

  • Install and enable the Custom Block Plugin
  • Use the Custom Block Manager to create a new block with initial content
  • Install and enable the Custom Header Pluguin
  • Use the Custom Headers to load javascript to replace the initial block content with an image slider
  • Position your new block in the sidebar with the Website Settings “Appearance”.

A similar example is described here:

friend would be helpful if you explain me how to do it I am using boostrap carousel plugin I tried to implement but i am having problems with the size i attach a screenshot i dont know how to do it responsive it does not fit to the sidebar look Sin%20t%C3%ADtulo

This seems like we have come to more of an HTML or CSS or Bootstrap question than an OJS question at this point. If you have a link to the actual site, someone might be able to take a look and offer advice, but you might get better advice in a forum specific to HTML/CSS/Bootstrap rendering.