Site admin permission [SOLVED]

Good morning to all.

Recently I updated to OJS 3.x (the last version) and everything works fine. The person who install OJS in the first place (long time ago), loged himself as Site Administrator. I followed the instructions in “Changing a site administrator” topic and everything seemed ok.

Today I tried to upload a stylesheet in the administration screen (because we have two journals and I want to upload it to the main screen) but then this message appears: “current operation doesn’t have access to this operation”.

It is possible that any permissions (like upload stylesheet, but maybe more that I ignore) still be set with the old site admin? How can I fix that?

Thanks a lot.

Alberto Martín.

PS: English is not my native language, so sorry for any wrong expressions.

I had the same problem - here is the solution:

Hi @karwas!

Thanks a lot, it worked perfectly!