Show all Author Name in Journal Website

In older versions of OJS there were a feature that is “Browse by Authors”. There, all the registered author lists were shown as well as we can browse to the articles through authors.
In OJS 3+ isn’t this feature enabled?

Hello @iftee_iit,

There has been some discussion about re-incorporating the “Browse-by” options into OJS 3 in future versions. @NateWr or @asmecher may wish to weigh in as to whether or not this might include authors when this feature is developed.

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Hi @iftee_iit,

The author browse is still included in OJS 3.x – just point your browser at …/search/authors. However, I’d recommend using ORCID as a more reliable way to disambiguate authors, and directing users to the ORCID page for an author when they want to see more of their work. The ORCID profile plugin can help with this.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team