Should I include the reference numbers and how that affects automatic DOI generation?


When working with the “Quick submit” plugin, the user has the choice to include or omit the reference numbers. E.g. to enter data using a numbered list:

1 - University of Canberra
2 - National Australian University

Or without:

University of Canberra

National Australian University

My question is which method is the best and -considering this data will be used in the DOI plugin to generate DOIs- which method will be accepted by that plugin?

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Hello @cdi.editor,

Can you please indicate which version of OJS you are using (e.g. 3.3.0-15)? In the future, please include this information in your posts, as it is relevant for others who may help you troubleshoot.

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PKP team

I recommend not adding numbers.
If you add it, some export plugins also add it during export. A result appears as follows.
(Exported and imported with the Index Copernicus plugin)

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Hi Roger,

My apologies. I’m using version. (Information extracted from viewing the page source code in browser).

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Thank you so much for your helpful advice.

we also paste them without numbers on