Sending isbn thru OAI-DC in OMP

We require that our OMP collection is harvested, using OAI, sending the ISBN number in the identifier metadata field. At this moment only the URL is send.

Any missing configuration at our end? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Fernando_Estrada,

The OAI interface doesn’t support using ISBNs as identifiers; you’d have to modify the code, primarily in classes/oai/omp.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks Alec,

Your response. It helped me as always.

I discovered that the OAI was sending the name of the Identification Code (i.e. ISBN-13) and not the value. I added a function based on the one already in place:

function getValueForONIXCode() {
	$onixCodelistItemDao = DAORegistry::getDAO('ONIXCodelistItemDAO');
	$codes =& $onixCodelistItemDao->getCodes('List5'); // List5 is for ISBN, GTIN-13, etc.
	return $this->getValue();

based on getNameforONIXCode() located at “classes/publicationFormat/”

and include a loop at line 148 of plugins/metadata/dc11/filter/ as follows:

// Identifier: ISBN
$identificationCodeFactory = $publicationFormat->getIdentificationCodes();
while ($identificationCode = $identificationCodeFactory->next()) {
  	       $dc11Description->addStatement('dc:identifier', $identificationCode->getValueForONIXCode());

I think this will work for any code type and I hope this can help anybody with the same need.