Sending email to users based on role

Hi, this capability is desperately needed in OJS 3.x. We would like to be able to email all users or to email groups of users based on role (e.g. reviewers). We’re a small publisher supported by volunteers and we do not charge for paper publications. However, this is so important right now that we’re prepared to donate AUD$500 if this feature can be provided in the next minor update.

Hi Mark,

Can you provide a bit more detail on how you’d prefer to see this functionality in OJS? Like, an option from the Users pane to email the users currently selected (noting that you can filter by role there, and so could come up with a list of reviewers to email)? Or handled in a separate way? If you can provide a description, I’d be happy to write this up as a feature request and see what we can do in the short term. Plenty of our own hosted journals are looking for similar functionality. And if we can get this into the next release, a donation would be much appreciated!


Hi James, our hosting provider has just told us they will make a plugin module that can meet our needs, as they also get a lot of requests for this capability. We want the ability for Journal Managers and Jounral Editors to be able to email all users or users by role. We see this as being a simple drop down list of roles rather than something tied to the user list page.

So it a person logs in as a Journal Manager or Journal Editor it could be a menu option under settings->website. We have two extra fields there now already with features that we needed that were added with plugins developed by our hosting provider. This appears to be a good solution. If this capability could be added to OJS core then we would donate.