Send revision request to different persons

Hello OJS-community,

we host a quite large journal with a comprehensive peer review system. The Journal Manager asked me whether it would be possible in future to send the “request revision message” to different involved people, not just the author. E.g. she would like to involve other editors into the revision.

Do you think this is a feature which others might also approve of?


Maybe I do not understand you question, but have you just tried adding other participants to submission? “Add participant”

A submission can have several editors participating.

Hi @ajnyga,

our editor would like to be able to send this revision e-mail to different persons, whome she can choose herself, e.g. to other editors or to the reviewer of this submission:

She would like to have a form field like e.g. “sending to other persons”.
Could this be implemented or is this function not intended?


Hi, I’m working with OJS 3.0.1 and I don’t have the “Add reviews to Email” button available. It just doesn’t show up.I checked in the form that all elements include the "message to author” checkbox, but I still can’t send the review form to the authors.
Any help? Any guess why this button doesn’t show up? Thanks!!