Selecting the best website for a scientific journal

The editors of “Philologia Polska” ( propose to take part in a plebiscite aimed at selecting the best - according to the respondents - website for a scientific journal, both Polish and foreign. Therefore, it is worth taking into account, for example, the following assessment categories: stable availability (on-line), access channels (indexing databases, etc.) to the content published in the periodical, the scale of recognition through Internet search engines, website transparency, communicativeness, information completeness, simplicity of navigation, functionality of the offered options, level of contact or interaction possibilities, aesthetics, etc.
The intention of the plebiscite organizers is to disseminate this form of scientific information circulation (i.e., in cyberspace) in the most user-friendly form possible. In short - it is about promoting good practices in this area and knowledge on this subject, in order to ultimately improve this platform of exchange of research and development information, eliminating any barriers of even a technical nature.
Please post your quotes in a comment to this message and its subsequent views. Only votes deposited in this way will be taken into account. The rating must include the title of the journal (and a link to its online website) and the number of points awarded by the plebiscite participant, ranging from 0 to 10. Please do not take into account qualifications for disciplines or areas of science. You are allowed to vote once for one title. We will be happy if the assessment is justified in the form of a few sentences. The plebiscite lasts until the end of March 2025, and its results will be published within the next month. “Philologia Polska” as the organizer of the competition, cannot be taken into account in the rankings.
There are no prizes for voters or for magazines distinguished by such a ranking. We rely primarily on feedback to improve existing projects. We will be paying close attention to the opinions expressed, and we are looking forward to them.
We will be grateful for disseminating information about this plebiscite proposal.