Seeking Guidance on Migrating Pre-existing Journal Issues and Articles to OJS

I am currently in the process of transitioning an existing journal, which is not currently on OJS, to the OJS platform. I have successfully set up the new OJS journal and am now faced with the task of migrating pre-existing issues and articles to the new system.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or best practices the community can offer in handling this migration process. Specifically, I am interested in learning:

  1. What is the recommended approach for importing pre-existing journal issues into OJS?
  2. How should I address metadata, citations, and other details associated with each article during the migration?

Additionally, I am seeking advice on how to handle authors’ details during the migration process. Some authors may be challenging to reach, and I am wondering:

  1. What strategies can be employed to contact authors whose details are not readily available or have changed?
  2. In cases where communication with authors is not possible, how should I proceed with attributing authorship to migrated articles?

Any insights, tips, or shared experiences from those who have undertaken similar migrations would be immensely valuable to me. I want to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the integrity of the content as I move the journal to OJS.

Hi @abrahamsisay,

I can’t speak to all of these questions, but I can point you to a few resources that might be helpful - OJS’ import/export options are outlined in detail here:

And to speak a bit to these questions:

I’m not sure why you would need to contact authors to notify them of changes? If you are moving your site from one site to another but keeping the journal, you shouldn’t really need to? Unless you are starting a new journal and planning on moving content into a new journal?

PKP Team

Looks like nice questions to be discussed in the documentation group?