Save button keeps processing and does not create new journal


I have installed version of OJS on windows hosting through softaculous. When I login to the admin panel, I see at the bottom error: There are no readable files in this directory tree. Are safe mode or open_basedir active? and when I try to create a new journal, the save button keeps on processing but never gives any error or create the new journal. Why I am getting this error? Any help would be highly appreciated.


Hello @awaisaz,

Another user has posted a similar error here and offered a solution, for this specific error:

Please do search the forum prior to posting questions as they may have been answered in previous posts, and we would like to avoid duplication where possible.

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Dear @rcgillis, yes, I already checked the previous posts. My issue is different and I have already applied the solutions presented before.
This is the home page when I login:
and when I try to create a new journal, even without selecting the option “Enable this journal to appear publicly on the site”, the SAVE button never proceeds further and does not even give any error nor:

Hello @awaisaz,

Thank you for clarifying and providing screenshots. Do you have access to any error logs on your server through your hosting that you might be able to see what is causing this issue? If not, you may want contact your webhost to see if they can provide anything to determine where the error is occurring.

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Thanks for your reply @rcgillis. In the PHP error log, there are no errors shown for the website.
Is it possible to see custom error log produced by OJS application that we can check at our end?
The save button only works in the saving admin user profile setting. Everywhere else in the site administration the save button keeps on rolling and does not produce any output.

Hello @awaisaz,

Are you able to post the output of your log here to see if we might be able to spot any issues? Any errors would be reported in your server’s web logs and are not specific to OJS per see, but activity on your server, which might give some indication of when/why this error is occurring.


Dear @rcgillis after days of debugging finally I found that the reason behind not working of the save button is caused because the url below:


The url generate the following error:

[HttpException (0x80004005): A potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client (*).]

Because actually %2A is Character *. (HTML URL Encoding Reference)

How should I resolve this issue now?

Screenshot from 2021-01-15 13-44-19

Hi @awaisaz ,

What web server are you using?

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@asmecher I am deploying on windows web hosting IIS

Hi @awaisaz,

I believe you’re encountering this problem: Context path property creates conflict when disable_path_info is enabled · Issue #4414 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. It looks like IIS doesn’t like * characters appearing in paths where other servers permit it – but technically it looks like * is not allowed by the RFC specifications.

We’ll be releasing OJS 3.2.1-3 to fix this very shortly – I’d recommend either applying the patches on that issue, or waiting for 3.2.1-3 to be released.

Alec Smecher
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