Right-to-left languages improvement

I would like to report an issue with Arabic UI of OJS with the following details:

  • I’m using OJS with Arabic locale enabled .
  • My OJS installation has been upgraded from OJS
  • I have full administration permissions.
  • Tasks menu at the top bar works fine with English UI, but, astonishingly, appears in Arabic contents.
  • When switching the system to Arabic UI, the menu doesn’t appear at all. No indication of anything to wait for.
  • Website user can notice two things with the right-to-left language; the appearance of the horizontal slide bar at the bottom of the page indicating that the width of the page became significantly larger, and the locations of top menu buttons (where “Tasks” is located) is not following the same layout as in the left-to-right languages.

I think it is a layout problem… and wish to be taken into consideration in future updates…
With regards.

I suspect that what you’re seeing is that the content of the notifications (such as discussions or submission titles) is in Arabic, but the buttons (Mark Read, etc) are in English. Is that right?

I’m not able to reproduce this in The tasks menu appears at the correct place and I don’t get the horizontal slide bar. Are we talking about the same tasks menu?

Yes, @NateWr. That’s right.

The snapshot you provided is exactly what is expected from the layout to be!
While in my instance of installation, the top menu looks a bit different!

I wonder if that is related to my server environment!
If it is more convenient, I can provide you with my account credentials on this website. My installation is merely for testing purposes.

Hmm, can you double-check that your template cache is cleared under Administration? Perhaps there is some lingering CSS styles that have not been updated.

I registered an account (natewr) on your site so that I could see for myself. It looks like there is some CSS missing. Specifically, this was fixed in a commit in May that went out with 3.2.1:

I suspect that you either need to clear the template cache (which will force the CSS to be rebuilt) or look closely to see if you’re missing some of the code from 3.2.1 for some reason.

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Thanks @NateWr,
Clearing the cache made things better a bit. Maybe replacing files when upgrading didn’t go well.
I’m planning to try testing it again when I have the chance with a fresh OJS installation rather than an upgraded one.

Wishing you a good day.