Reviewers and ORCID

Hi all,

Just recently the editors came up with an idea to link OJS reviewers with ORCIDs as well. Similar as for the authors. So that number of accomplished reviews can be seen on the ORCID profile of a reviewer.

To me the idea makes sense. What do you think about it?

Regard, Primož

PS: I have not checked if ORCID supports that or has any plans to do so.

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Hi Primož,

I think this is an excellent idea. Giving credit to reviewers is crucial for a better scholarly publishing process. And ORCID definitely supports this via their API, and the ORCID Profile Plugin would be a good place to start working on this.

I’ve had some brief discussions with @Dulip_Withanage about this and he hopefully joins in the discussion here.

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Forgot a link to the ORCID docs about peer review records: Peer Review – ORCID

I support this feature request.

I also agree that the feature should be added to the ORCID Profile Plugin

Dear all
As journal publisher that used ReviewerCredit or Publons able to advocate their reviewer to integrating the record into ORCID. Here is an example ORCID