ReviewerCredits plugin for peer review recognition for OJS 3.x

We have recently released a plugin which aims to improve recognition and accountability of peer review for individuals and journals. Here you may download and install the plugin developed by 4Science: highly engaged in open access solutions based on open source technologies.

This plugin allows automated transfer of peer review data from your journals to ReviewerCredits database enabling a seamless experience to peer reviewers. Installing the plugin, journals will interact automatically with our API. The plugin is released within the OJS plug in gallery, according to the OJS licence rules. The plugin is compatible with OJS 3.x versions. We recommend that before you install the plugin you register your journal.

Upon submitting their review (in review step 3), reviewers will find a tick box to agree to the transfer of data to The plugin locates the individual in ReviewerCredits database using the ORCID or email address. If a reviewer is not registered on ReviewerCredits it will not be possible to transfer peer review information.

Which data is transferred?

  • Peer reviewer Email address and ORCID (for matching purposes)
  • Manuscript ID
  • Peer review due date
  • Peer review submission date

For more info on ReviewerCredits, please visit our website


Do you have for ojs

I have to try install for ojs but not working

Hello Muhammad,
have you received a feedback on this question? Please let me know or contact me by email to I will help you.

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