ReviewerCredits and OJS API?

Can anyone provide us with information about the ReviewerCredits system How it works for Reviewers and Journals - ReviewerCredits and how it works with OJS API. Can you recommend it for reviewers to participate in the system?

Rie Karen Marie Iversen


Hi. ReviewerCredit is a system that can collect the number, date, and title of the manuscripts reviewed by the journal reviewers. All reviewers can create a profile on the website of ReviewerCredit to collect and show the number of manuscripts that they have reviewed for various journals. The transferring of the data related to the reviewed manuscripts can be automatically managed by the ReviewerCredit plugin. It is interesting for many reviewers and I recommend installing the ReviewerCredit plugin for your journal if you use OJS. After installing the plugin, a checkbox appears on the reviewer page. They should tick the checkbox to say they agree to transfer their information to the ReviewCredit platform. Just it.

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