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Dear all,
I am the editorial secretary for OENO One Open access journal (OJS version : I don’t have software skills :slight_smile:

We would like to thank the reviewers for their work. To do so, I need to know who did or didn’t review before the due date.

I have tried to use the « review report » but some informations I am looking for are missing.

I would like to have on the same table :

  • The submission date (not available in the current report)
  • The current status of the article (not available in the current report)
  • The submission ID (available in the current report)
  • The reviewers informations (name, email…) (available in the review report)
  • If the response or review are overdue (available in the report)
  • If an editorial decision has already been talken or not and when (not available in the current report)

This way, for example, I would be able to select some articles, as follow : Article submitted in 2021 + articles reviewed in 2021 before the due date + Accepted or declined by the section editor in 2021

Then, I will get the email of the reviewers, select them and send them an email to thank them.
Do you know how I could do that?

Thank you for your help,
Claire Guyot

HI @Claire_Guyot

When I run a review report, I see the following fields:

Submission Title
Submission ID
Given Name
Family Name
Reviewing interests
Date Assigned
Date Notified
Date Confirmed
Date Completed
Date Acknowledged
Date Reminded
Response Due Date
Response Overdue Days
Review Due Date
Review Overdue Days
Comments On Submission

This is in OJS 3.3, though - it might be similar in OJS 3.2 that you’re using. For example, is Submission ID not showing up in the spreadsheet generated by the report at all? Some of these (but not all) are fields that you’ve mentioned - but are they are not showing up for you? Perhaps you could share a sample output of what happens when you generate a review report (but please remove any identifying information - you could even include the just the top columns if you’d like).

PKP Team

Dear Roger,
Thank you for your feedback.
I have all the items you mentionned but I would also like to have:

  • Submission date
  • The current status (declined or accepted ?) or if the article is still under review ?

Without these informations, it’s hard to identify wich article are still under review or not or if a decision has already been taken and that the process is over (and so that I can thank the reviewer for his/her work).

The ‘submission date’ is a great indicator if you want to do statistics year by year.

Also, without the item "editorial decision taken or not " it’s hard to identify who need to be reminded. For example : if the editorial decision has been taken eventhough a review is overdue, it can be confusing. Should I remind the reviewer ? Or cancel the review request and regenerate the report ? I know that I can check article by article, but if we could have this information in one table it would be really great :slight_smile:

PS : Is there a page where I can find the fields available in all reports ? Something similar as the list you provided me above ?

I hope it is understandable,
I remain available,
Thank you very much for your help

Have a nice day,

Hi @Claire_Guyot

Regarding these questions:

These are issues that are handled in the editorial workflow that are difficult to be able to condense into a report. One can ascertain these details by looking at the specifics of the submission in the editorial workflow for a given submission. This is a separate issue from the report, which contains specific information on reviews in one table. The report should not be used as a means to determine actions to be taken for a given submission.

I do, however, see your point about including additional fields in the review report and how this might be helpful. I have flagged this post as a “Feature Request” and our developers will try to review the post to ascertain whether or not the reviews report could be extended to include some of this additional data.

Regarding current information on reports and statistics, I would encourage you to check out our documentation here: Statistics

PKP Team

Dear Roger,
Thank you very much for your proposal.