Revert "Send to Production" decision?

Hello there,

I just noticed that there is no (canonical) way to revert a workflow decision - if one sends a submission accidentially from “copyediting” to “production”, there seems no way to take that back.

Of course I can delete the file and ignore it, but the submission label still shows “production” which is confusing for my co-Editors (and for me, if it happens to anyone else). Thus:
Would it be possible to integrate a “withdraw to last stage” button (small, grey and decent) into each tab of the submission workflow?

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Hello @Jesaiah,

Thanks for your post. Such a feature has been discussed here: the possibility to "back out" of a stage (e.g. review, copyediting, production, etc.) in OJS3 · Issue #2890 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub and also been labelled something desired by our Hosting services clients. That said, the feature has not been able to prioritized in current development, but it is still an open issue, so developers may consider developing it at a later point, should it be able to be prioritized, assessed for feasibility, and the resources are available to develop it.

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Public Knowledge Project team

Thank you, Roger!

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