Resubmit article to a reviewer

Resubmit the same article to a reviewer that previously declined.

The reviewer did not accept a paper rejecting it, but now he has readiness to review. As a reviewer it is not possible to refer again to the same reviewer.

Thanks any help!

Hi there,
If you’re using OJS 2.4.x see the discussion thread below for a solution. If you have access to the PHP code, the fix is simple to make. If you don’t, you can reassign a reviewer merely by constructing the correct URL in your web browser address field.


Thanks for the answer!

I am using OJS

It’s not the same way, it’s not?

I am access to the source code.

Thank you!

I believe the code for handling reviewer interactions is different in OJS 3 versus 2.4 and neither the code fix nor the URL workaround are relevant.