Resubmission or Revision due date for section editors in submission que (dashboard)


When there are plenty of submissions in the dashboard and section editors have made their decisions like a requested revision from the author. It is difficult for the section editors to know when is the due date of resubmission or revision from the author. They need this to know if they need to follow up with the author and enquire about the status of the revision request.
Currently, section editors need to open the submission and check in the activity log when was the decision made on this submission.

If it is possible to have the status message along with the submissions (see example below), it will be easier for the section editor to keep track of the submission status:
Screenshot 2021-02-20 11.17.54


Hi @seisense,

There is already a way to do this in the filters in the editorial dashboard to get at submissions that are overdue. If the submission has a date associated with, there is the option to select submissions for which something is overdue:

Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 11.20.34 AM

There is also an option to filter by “Days since last activity” (towards the bottom - I couldn’t capture it in my screenshot). This is in OJS 3.2+. These might not be totally what you’re after, but the do allow for more granular filtering of items that are overdue.

Please note that there is also an open issue on our Github discuss similar (and additional) changes to the dashboard: [Sprint/UIUX] Improve the Submission Dashboard · Issue #4099 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - feel free to read through those discussions and weigh in there with your specific suggestions, and our developers will review them.

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PKP team

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