Restore the OJS 3.3.x downloaded filename convention [Free Plugin]

Since version 3.3.0 OJS has made changes to the naming of uploaded and downloaded files. Previously files uploaded in versions prior to 3.3.0 used the naming pattern:


For example (on 3.1.2-4 and 3.2.x):

In version 3.3.0 the naming of this file becomes: download.extension so for visitors, it becomes difficult because every file will be downloaded with the same name.

For example, a visitor downloads an article with the title:

Heuristic Judgment in Accounting” then the downloaded pdf file will become download.pdf.

Of course, this makes each article file that is downloaded is not unique, has no identity and it is not surprising that many OJS users in this version have complained about this.

Please click the following link to get complete information and the download link for this free plugin:


Thank you so much. Its working fine.
As we were facing this issue now it is solved thanks again…

That looks great, @goodzy, thanks for sharing! A quick clarification, though. In version 3.3.0-7, the file name that is downloaded is not download-file.<ext>. The file name that is downloaded will reflect the file as it is named in the UI.

So if you upload a file named my-example.pdf then it will be downloaded as my-example.pdf. The only exception is that editors can rename submission files in the editorial UI. The download filename will reflect the name that the editor has specified, if they change it. So the download filename should always reflect the name as it appears in the UI.

Thank you @NateWr for the clarification.
We will update our article to follow your suggestion

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The plugin has been installed and which solved the problem!

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