Responsive OJS journal


I would like to introduce an OJS project using a responsive template (bootstrap).

As you can see, it’s possible to make your journal responsive.

Thank to @asmecher for his help with the OAI integration.

Exemple of OJS journal using a responsive template.



Looks nice, @Quentin.

Did you do this by CSS changes, by creating a plugin, or by modifying the template files? Would you be able to make your changes public (perhaps via Github)?

Yes. I will put the template on Github. It mostly use Bootstrap.

Waiting to see it on Github.

Looks brilliant. Would love to see the template - incorporating responsiveness into our journals is a must, eventually…

Good Job !!

I’d like also to download it, thanks a lot for the job :smile:

Is your theme already available at Github? It looks great

Hi Quentin,

you never managed to tell us where to find the responsive template you are using in the example OJS journal you linked to. From looking at the source of that site I am pretty sure you are using Mason Publishing Group Theme for OJS aka “mpg”.
Is this correct?



With bootstrap its very easy to make a good look for OJS.
It is far more interesting to make the own design, than copy other`s projects :slight_smile: