Request for independent review times for each section and efficient configuration

Since OCS support is no longer available, we decided to use OJS, which so far works well (we just started). But we have some requirements that can improve the flow a lot and maybe it can help the journals as well.

1.- Independent review times for each section.
It would be great to have different review times that we can assign to different sections, since in the congresses there is the abstract document that is evaluated with shorter times (days), and in the journals they have some sections that require less review time or do not need review.

If possible, review times should be days instead of weeks. This would help a lot with point 1. And it would avoid us to be assigning dates manually.

2.- More efficient configuration for the sections.
Until today, there is a configuration for the sections, such as no peer review, no filling of the abstract, etc. But the reality is that this makes those fields appear and they are not required elements, but they are shown. The idea is to not show what you specify that will not be used.

We are very happy to use OJS, and that is why we are making this request for its improvement.
Thank you for your time.

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