Replace a text for an image in the table of contents

I would like to ask you as in a table of contents (attached photo) , can change the PDF text and replace it with an image. File in which this change is made ? Thank you!

If you just want to effect the Issue’s Table of Contents, your best bet would probably be a direct modification of the template file:

Ok, I’ll try. But which line is changed?

The line I highlighted is the line that outputs the galley’s label. Think of the template file as essentially HTML plus a bit of Smarty magic in the curly braces.

You do not understand. In that line that marks me , I must do to change the text and add a html code < img > .

I don’t think I understand your question.

I want to do the following, I show a sample page (based on OJS) and has made the change I seek …


This will require a combination of changing the template line I highlighted above, and the change suggested in this previous conversation:

You will need someone familiar with HTML, Smarty, and PHP to make the change. Have you tried contacting the staff or web designer for “methaodos.revista de ciencias sociales”?