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Hi there,
I am using OJS 3.1.0 version. But the problem is, when user doing registration, it is no option of verification link.

When a user is going to registration, automatically s/he getting access into the website. Could you please let me know, how can enable the registration confirmation?


Hi @nilrodru,

You can control how users are able to access the site by going to Users and Roles > Site Access Options. User Access settings

Does this accomplish what you want?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team


No, I am not looking it.

Actually, when user will register, s/he will get a confirmation link in his/her email address. Just after clicking the verification link, they will get access, otherwise not.

Hi @nilrodru,

Thanks for clarifying. In OJS 3.x there is no setting that requires a user to get a confirmation e-mail message after registering. However, you can turn on e-mail verification in, which would require accounts to be validated by email.

Amanda Stevens
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how to turn on email verification in

Hi @adilhk,

Edit on your server and look for:

require_validation = Off

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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thanks resolved…it worked out great

Thank you Mate :grinning:

Hi @asmecher,
just wanted to say thanks for pointing this out.

I think that it would be great to add this to the documentation somewhere, since it is not evident IMHO.

Thanks again