Registering reviews with ORCID

Hello everyone, is there any development with regards to registering reviews with ORCID? I just wonder if anyone has throught of building on this. Sorry for the impromptu request, and thanks for any views.

Hi Lucia,

Yes, the Reviewer Credits function is now working with the latest version of the ORCID plugin. Documentation should be coming soon, but in the meantime here’s some general info:

  • The reviewer credits function works with the member API only (not with the public API) and a journal ISSN is required
  • Reviewers must connect their ORCID themselves in their user profile - there is currently no option for editors to invite a reviewer to connect their ORCID, as they can with authors. An editor could send a message directly to reviewers using the “Notify” function with instructions for connecting their ORCID.
  • Once a reviewer has connected their ORCID, their review will be added to their ORCID record once the review is complete and the editor has looked at the review and thanked the reviewer.

I hope this is useful!

  • Kate

Dear Kate, sorry I am late in simply thank you! yes it works this way and the Reviewer Credits plugin proves helpful in more than one way. Have a good day,