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Reference number:
Dear sir,
I have an problem related to reference numbering. I copy the references from word (.docx) file and paste in metadata references but in preview page the number is not shown in preview abstract page. Only references is seen without the number.
There is no any plugins like citation markup in setup.
kindly guide. I am using 3.3 version of OJS.

Hi @National_Journal_of,

Copying and pasting from MS word into the OJS form is not guaranteed to save the formatting with numbers and such - this happens with a lot of applications, so you you may have to edit the content of the OJS form in order to ensure that it is properly formatted.

PKP Team

Thank you for the quick reply.
How to edit or format the content of the OJS form. Because there is no text editor option in reference box in metadata. We want to give number of references Kindly guide in this case.

Hi @National_Journal_of,

Sorry - my mistake. This use to be possible in previous versions, I believe, but not in this one - so I don’t think I was recalling correctly. Adding styling to references complicates things around export and parsing, so it is not likely to be available to allow formatting like what you’re looking for, please see this thread here for a more detailed explanation: Add styling to parsed citations - italic - #2 by navotera

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PKP Team