Redirect to "install or upgrade page" fails

To complete an upgrade from 2.4.2 to 2.4.8 I have to run a script to upgrade the database as indicated here.

Since I do not have php cli, I need to run the web-based script, but I am unable to actually access the install/upgrade page at all.

  • I correctly set “Installed = Off” in
  • My browser does redirect me to MY_DOMAIN/index.php/index/install but this only shows me a blank screen

When I try to look at the source in my browser, I do not see anything either…

Any idea where I could start trouble-shooting? (there’s not even an error-message to start with)

final note: when I switch back to my original installation, I am able to access the install-page by setting Installed to Off.

Start with the webserver’s error log for any blank page:

Post the error message here.


Though I couldn’t access the error-logs, I was able to locate and fix the problem: permissions

(I had to replace all the files because I couldn’t apply the patch, but didn’t think about modifying the permissions)

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