Recommended Hosting Environment for OJS 3.0.2

Good day,

I would just like to ask what is the best hosting environment for OJS 3.0.2. I recently tried with arvixe hosting and local hosting all linux based. The problem i got with arvixe is that some of the codes won’t work and i receive tons of error from the error log. In the local hosting almost everything is running smooth but, when I activated the plugins that’s where it wont be accessible with error 500.

Specific inquiry/question:

  • recommended hosting platform where beta stage run smooth.
  • folder and file permissions. (tried 755 and 644 but, cause conflict so changed it to 777)

Rationale for this thread: I think it would be best to start where everything is running smooth before i scale up and keep tract of my progress.

Note: I’m not that techy but, willing to learn.

Thanks for your consideration. Your prompt response is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Our OJS3 production journal site runs on old notebook with SSD on Ubuntu OS connected to internet with ethernet cable


Your specific requirements will depend largely on the size of your content and volume of traffic, but on average, most shared or dedicated hosting providers will be more than adequate for an OJS install.

To ensure that your error logs only reflect actual errors, at this time it is still best to disable PHP Strict and PHP Deprecated notifications, though this will become less needed over time.

To ensure you are setting up permissions correctly, please review this thread:

It is critical to understand file permissioning if you are hosting OJS yourself.

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Thank you so much Sir @Vitaliy and Sir @ctgraham for your inputs and providing me links to get started. :relaxed::+1: