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I am checking to see if there is any recommended upload file size. We are running OJS version with multiple journals. We have a journal that might be interested in uploading audio files and asked what the file size limit was. When looking via the GUI it looks like the upload_max_filesize is 500M. We of course do not want to say 500M. So the question is what would be a good size to say that will not cause issues with the performance. Thanks, Stephen

Hi Stephen,

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This is more of a web design/development question than an OJS question. For multimedia, the required size of a given length of content mostly comes down to choice of CODEC, compression level, and quality. Audio files compressed into MP3 are quite compact, rarely exceeding a handful of megabytes. You won’t really have to worry unless you start working with video files.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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