reCaptcha V2 Manual upgrade steps

@ctgraham will a 2.4.8-4 be available with the patch to fix broken mailing list notifications?

Also when updating a system from 2.4.8-1 to 2.4.8-3 that has modifications made to it for other bugs or tweaks, what is the best way to detect/patch/include/exclude those inhouse patches we have made? Thanks.

Yes, I think we should schedule a new release of OJS 2.4.8. @asmecher would be the one to greenlight and implement this (or to point out the reasons to defer).

To maintain your local change, I strongly recommend leveraging version control, such as Git, mercurial, or Subversion.

At Pitt, we maintain feature branches within GitHub for each local change which we aren’t pushing back up to the core code. Upon upgrade, re-applying our locals is as simple as merging each feature branch, checking for any conflicts which may have been introduced.

Guess I have some learning to do about revision control!

If you deal at all with code changes, it will be one of the best time investments you can make.

I have the same issue, what to change here?