Reasonable amount of time to allow between when all articles are reviewed and when they are placed online?

One of our staff handles reviewing and finalizing, and I handle uploading onto OJS. How much do you think is a reasonable time to allow between these two workflows?

Hey @jaskoog
It’s based on the journal as well as the content of your research. Here is an average timelapse you can expect while [publishing a scientific research paper]( article-review).

1. Internal Checks

Estimated time 10 days

The moment a journal accepts your paper, There are usually two distinct checks to ensure that your paper is suitable and ready to be reviewed by a peer

2. Peer Review

Estimated Time: 1 month

Based on the structure of the journal’s editorial, the editor who made the initial review may supervise peer review, or a different editor with specific knowledge may be appointed.

3. Revision Decision

Estimated Time: 1 day

Editors review the feedback of peer reviewers and their own professional evaluation of the manuscript in order in order to make a final decision.

4. Revised Submission Received

Estimated Time: 3 days

After receiving your revised submission, a technical editor will evaluate the changes to ensure that the requirements of Journal editors have been addressed.

5. The Preliminary Approval

Estimated Time: 1 week

Your editor is pleased with the quality of the research in your work and has decided to accept the work in principle.

6. Official Acceptance, Publication and Formal Release

Estimated Time: 2 weeks

After a technical editor has confirmed that all requests from the provisional acceptance letter have been addressed, you will receive your formal acceptance letter.

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