Quicksubmit plugin for OMP


Is there a Quicksubmit pluggin for OMP version 3.x or another way to simplify the submission process?

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Filipe Almeida

As far as I am aware, there is no QuickSubmit plugin for OMP.

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more than one year after your answer @jalperin, I try again…
is now available QuickSubmit plugin for OMP?
would be very useful and sure to encourage many publishers to start using OMP.
Thank you!


Dear all,

I enter this conversation, as well to say that a QuickSubmit plugin for OMP woulb very helpful!
Let’s keep the fingers crossed.
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We are studying to implement this plugin and make it available in the gallery later this year.

Small donations to partially sponsor our team are welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi team! Late to the party but is there any news on the QuickSubmit button for OMP?

Best, Rebecca

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I made one for our own use a little over a year ago, available here: GitHub - ajnyga/quickSubmit at omp

Not sure if the version there is the most recent one we use (our OMP is in 3.2.1)

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