Put video on first page ojs3

i want to put a video on first page on my journal
this video uploaded on another site and i have a script like as it

<div id="14918108329458270"><script type="text/JavaScript" src="https://www.aparat.com/embed/yp516?data[rnddiv]=14918108329458270&data[responsive]=yes"></script></div>

have you suggest for this work?

You should be able to put this in the Journal’s “Website → Additional Content” settings, if you relax the allowed_html restrictions in config.inc.php to allow the script tag with type and source attributes, and the id attribute on the div.

hi @ctgraham
i do this work
but when i add script or div tag in the setting → website → Announcements like as a code
don’t add anything to that Announcements item

Hmmm… yes, HTMLPurifier’s defaults will still prevent ids and script tags even if the allowed_html is modified.

This will require a code modification to the PKPString::stripUnsafeHtml() function in lib/pkp/classes/core/PKPString.inc.php:

The configuration options are documented here:

You’re probably interested in “EnableID” and “SafeScripting”.

Hi, can I know how to relax the allowed_html restrictions? I am new in this OJS, and I appreciate if you can help me.

See the instructions in config.inc.php here:

Note that HTMLPurifier will continue to remove some tags and attributes (such as script and id) without a local change to the code as described in this thread.