Publishing with JATS

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask what is the current status of JATS.
As I see it, the lens viewer is no longer being developed, is that correct?
So would it be better to use the JatsParser plugin? I’m also thinking of something like integrating the metadata from OJS.
On the other hand, I’ve also seen that the lensGalley plugin is also being adapted to OJS 3.4, so I’m a bit unsure.
Is it possible to say in which direction OJS is likely to evolve, lensGalley or jatsParser?

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Hi @ohilbig01,

You are right, Lens Viewer isn’t maintained by its developers. This means that any issue related to it won’t be fixed, e.g., it’s quite strict in terms of the JATS XML format it accepts.

I’m planning to continue the work on JATS Parser plugin, although I’ve put on hold the development of new major features (like handling formulas) during the war. It slightly more complicated to adapt it to every new major OJS release compared to Lens Viewer Plugin as it hooks into the core in different places but nevertheless I’m planning to find some time on it around official OJS release.

Lens galley will be sunsetted after finding a better solution. JATS Parser could be such a solution but the limiting factor in evolution of JATS XML workflow is rather the lack of the full-text (JATS) editor. The requirement of quite complex tools for XML production limits the usefulness of tools to display/present it


Hi @Vitaliy ,

thanks for your reply, and thanks for your great plugin! I will see if I can use some parts of Old Gregg for my own theme.

Hi all,
according to the OJS roadmap the JATS format will be used natively in PKP OJS, but I don’t kow when and with which techno.