Provide clearer link to submissions for reviewers from Submissions page

A journal we support is reporting that reviewers are emailing the managing editor rather than responding to their review request through OJS. They think it may be because the reviewers aren’t realizing that they have to click on the first screen (the Submissions page) in order to get to the accept or decline review page. All the lettering is black and there is no button to go on to the next part. Similarly, after a reviewer has accepted the review, all the lettering is black and there is no button to indicate that they need to click to submit their review, although the journal editor isn’t reporting that reviewers seem to be finding that part confusing.

For an author or editor, the list of Submissions shows a blue arrow to the right of the title, which is a helpful indicator that you can click there.

Could it be made clearer for reviewers that they have to click into the submission from their Submissions page, perhaps with a button or with the down-arrow icon?

University of Western Ontario