Problem to edit the title of the spanish language in the language menu "Español (España)

I have edited all the LOCALE files that I found but do not change the text in the front. I need to change "Español (España) for only “Español”

Please Help!

Hi @ososa,

See registry/locales.xml.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hello Alec, pardon for the delay for respond.
Thanks so much!

Is fixed!

Hello asmecher
Please could you help me again to find these translations:

  • Most read articles by the same author(s)
  • Keywords
  • Copyright Information

I have OJS


Hi, you can find “Most read articles by the same author(s)” in a plugin locale file:

OJS-folder > plugins > generic > recommendByAuthor > locale > en_US > locale.xml

in your case you need to see es_ES folder and locale.xml file, in my case my file with Spanish translation is this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE locale SYSTEM "../../../../../lib/pkp/dtd/locale.dtd">

  * plugins/generic/recommendByAuthor/locale/es_ES/locale.xml
  * Copyright (c) 2014-2018 Simon Fraser University
  * Copyright (c) 2003-2018 John Willinsky
  * Distributed under the GNU GPL v2. For full terms see the file docs/COPYING.
  * Localization information:
  * Localization strings.

<locale name="es_ES" full_name="Español (España)">
	<message key="plugins.generic.recommendByAuthor.displayName">Artículos recomendados del autor/a</message>
	<message key="plugins.generic.recommendByAuthor.description">Este módulo inserta una lista de artículos del mismo autor/a en la página del resumen del artículo.</message>
    <message key="plugins.generic.recommendByAuthor.heading">Artículos más leídos del mismo autor/a</message>
    <message key="plugins.generic.recommendByAuthor.noMetric">Nota: Este módulo requiere de la activación de, al menos, un módulo de estadísticas/informes. Si los módulos de estadísticas proporcionan más de una métrica, selecciona una métrica principal en la página de configuración del sitio y/o en las páginas de propiedades de la revista.</message>
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Thanks t4x0n
this part was fixed.

Do you have idea where I can fix the traslation in the accordion component?

you just need to search for example “Keyword” in all locale XML files, but I think these words are translated in locale files and you do not need to make more changes…

in this file:
I have this:
<message key="common.keywords">Palabras clave</message>

and, in this file:
I have this:
<message key="article.subject">Palabras clave</message>

if you have this lines in your files, and is not working mmm I don’t know where are these translations…

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I have these files and are corrects, like your reference but is not affecting the component.


1 question, please: where is the source of this section, maybe I can add the message key of this words to link with the locale xml.

sorry but I don’t know more about that :confused:

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Hello I get some help and the issue was fixed.
the problem was fixed adding those lines in the locale.xml


The lines added:

if this can help you or someone, I have more completed Spanish translated files at

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Do you have idea if is posible hide the Word: (Author) in the article list.

Hello asmecher:
please I need your help to know where edit this traslation: (Authors) (Autor/a)
Please could you help me?

Hi there,

The specific string “Autor/a” can be found in these files:

In ojs/locale/es_ES/locale.xml:
locale.xml: <message key="">Autor/a</message>
locale.xml: <message key="">Autor/a</message>

and in pkp/lib/locale/es_ES/default.xml:
default.xml: <message key="">Autor/a</message>

I would try with the last one first.

Otherwise, if you have access to a shell on the machine, you can find strings and keys with some regular expressions: these are great when working on translations.



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