Problem ojs 3.0.2 on centos7

Im trying to install ojs 3.0.2 in centos7 but it show a lot of ‘failed to open stream’ messages. I have already installed ojs 3.0.2 on ubuntu, try with chmod 777 (not recommended), only for debug, but the messages persist.

Can you share the full error messages from your error log here? We’ll need a little more context.

Im following these steps

I really dont know if ojs3.0.2 run in centos7…

After unzip (ojs-3.0.2.tar.gz) and check the site (no permission set )

Before chmod 777 ojs/ -R and chown apache ojs/ -R (I do it for check if work).

In both case same results. I am stuck here all day. Im trying set chown to root, apache and ojs (own user).

Please review this FAQ for the specifics of how permissions should be set:

One thing this FAQ does not cover is selinux, which may be enabled by default in RHEL7/CENTOS7. If selinux is enabled, you will also need to set the selinux context for each writable directory to allow the webserver to write.

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Thanks friend, problem solved by changing the SELinux configuration